Concrete tabletops or concrete countertops are an increasingly popular design trend, as they offer a stunning and unique addition to your home.

These handcrafted concrete tabletops offer a custom fit, feel and finish. This allows you to enjoy a unique and a custom kitchen bench, bbq area, dining table, coffee table and alfresco area.

These concrete table tops are crafted from concrete before they are polished and stained to match your desire. This allows you to enjoy a handmade and custom piece that is made just for you.

One of the best features a concrete tabletops offer is its versatility. They can be added to any small or large kitchen, allowing you to make a statement. Moreover, to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for, you can choose the finish, colour, shape, and size of these concrete tabletops.

These tabletops are manufactured using industrial grade cement, which then has a touch of colour to them. Which allows them to stand apart from regular cement, and cut down on the resemblance to a sidewalk. Moreover, we satin and seal them, so you get get the most out of your product.

Their flexible design is widely loved as they can easily be incorporated into various themes and designs around the house.

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Truly in vogue, concrete tabletops and benchtops have been a remarkable uplift in their popularity. CoastCrete has installed these tabletops in both residential and commercial properties. From a standard kitchen worktop to installing custom worktops in cafes and restaurants. They offer incredible resilience to damage and heavy usage, making them the perfect choice for these heavy traffic areas.

There are many advantages of a Concrete Table Top, such as:

  • One of the main reasons why concrete table tops are preferred over any other tabletop is because they offer durability. As you know, concrete is hard and can easily resist damage. This feature allows you to enjoy a tabletop that won’t chip or scratch easily. You will have to use extreme force if you are looking to make an impact, and that too would require professional tools. Which means you can easily enjoy durable countertops for years to come.
  • Another great feature of these concrete countertops is that they are completely heat resistant. This means you can use them as you please, without having to worry about any damage. Also, you can use any cooktop or hot pots and pans without harming your countertop in any way.
  • An ideal feature in many restaurants, bars and coffee shops, concrete worktops offer immense style and sophistication while being sturdy and hard-wearing. Perfect for a modern commercial property or commercial refit.
  • Concrete table tops are fairly easy to maintain, and you do not have to keep up with any additional work. Just a proper wipe down once you are done cooking, will get the job done. In addition, keeping up with a weekly routine of a thorough cleanup, with soap and water you won’t have to worry about stains or harbouring bacteria for years to come.
  • These benchtops are a sure way of bringing your home into the modern era, as they allow you to create an appealing and upscale look. When the project is completed, your home will be rejuvenated, giving it a new and sleek feel. These concrete countertops offer a rustic and charming look, that makes the entire kitchen standout.
  • If you’re looking to create a custom purpose BBQ area, a concrete benchtop could be ideal for your project. Being exposed to the wind and rain all year round will not faze a concrete worktop, making it the perfect durable choice for your garden.


concrete table tops by coastcrete

Making a concrete table top can be quite complex, depending on the project. It often requires different tools, and there are multiple steps to finish. But here is a summary of what typically takes place:

  1. Create the mould with particleboard, which is usually coated with melamine.
  2. Mix the concrete to build a unique formula or mixture for the tabletop.
  3. Start pouring the concrete as carefully as possible.
  4. Using a trowel will help fill the whole form.
  5. Make sure there are no bubbles by tamping or slightly shaking the tabletop.
  6. Let the concrete cure by covering it with plastic sheeting.
  7. Allow the surface to dry for about 18 hours or more.
  8. Take the mould apart, removing the slab and pulling away from the borders or edges.
  9. It’s time for the finishing touches. Sand it down to remove any imperfections. Fill visible voids as well.
  10. Finally, apply a sealer once the concrete is cured and clean.

The last step is to install the table top. Let CoastCrete pros do the entire process for you starting from building the mould right up to the installation.


How Much Do Concrete Table Tops Cost?

Natural shrinkage will cause minor cracks to appear. However, they do not affect the structure of the concrete table top. In fact, shrinkage can enhance its look.

Is Sealing Really Necessary?

Sealers help prevent absorption of water and staining. Make sure you never place anything hot on the sealed surface to avoid ruining it

How is the Maintenance Process?

When properly sealed, concrete table tops are easy to manage. Use a cleaner that is pH-neutral and never use any rough scrubbing pads. Take care of the sealer by avoiding abrasive cleansers as well.

Will the Table Top Scratch?

If cut directly, it will indeed cause minor scratches. But the good news is that damage can be limited with the sealer on top, which makes repairs easier.

Should You Worry About Cracks?

Natural shrinkage will cause minor cracks to appear. However, they do not affect the structure of the concrete table top. In fact, shrinkage can enhance its look.

Can You Customise Concrete Tabletops?

Absolutely! Contrary to popular belief, concrete can take on different styles. Concrete tabletops are completely customisable, and in fact, options are virtually endless. You can select the colour, shape, embeds, and edge profile you want. The tabletop can look minimally shiny or as glossy as you want it to be.

Of course, you can leave concrete in its natural grey state if that’s what you prefer. Suppose you like the look of other materials, such as granite and marble, but you favour concrete’s durability. In that case, you can replicate the appearance of the material you desire with no problems.

How Durable are Concrete Counters?

Concrete is a material known for its durability. As a testament to concrete’s durability, historical structures like the Coliseum, Pantheon, and Pompeii still exist today. Concrete tabletops can even be reinforced with glass fibres, which can help make the tabletops more robust and lightweight. Such a reinforcement increases the lifespan of the countertop while also providing support for long, continuous spans and overhangs. You can’t achieve that with granite and other popular materials.

The concrete finish can be heat-resistant, which is primarily useful for kitchen counters where you could place hot plates.

Should You Be Worried About Stains?

Not really. Counters made from concrete are made to last for years; however, they can be vulnerable to stains. It’s a common issue with kitchen tabletops since food messes can easily stain the surface. The key is in the sealer and wax. These products should be used to help homeowners protect the surface of the counters.

Make sure that you wipe away the spills and messes when you see them. That way, they do not stick on the tabletop. But the good news is that if you’re used to tile, you don’t have to worry about cleaning grout lines.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Tabletops?

Concrete tabletops do not need a lot of time to make and install. However, if you are pressed for time, you may be a little disappointed. Custom countertops do take a lot of time to design and cast. Plus, you have to wait for the concrete to cure. Speed is a disadvantage with concrete tabletops, so make sure that you efficiently plan your schedule.

The turnaround time can take at least a few weeks, and you also have to wait before you can use the tabletops for kitchen items or food preparation.

Are Concrete Tabletops Affordable?

Concrete tabletops are typically designed by hand. Because of the handcrafted nature of the material, it means that you will most probably pay more. The added labour and premium material used will increase the total cost of the project.

However, compared to other materials, concrete tabletops are so much more affordable. Plus, concrete is durable and can be styled according to your preferences. It certainly increases the long-term value of your home. Therefore, concrete tabletops are worth the investment.

What's the Process of Making Concrete Counters?

Contractors have different ways to make concrete tabletops, but the general process is mostly the same. It begins with mould building using melamine coated particleboard. Concrete is then mixed with the specially formulated benchtop mix. After everything is mixed, concrete will be poured. This step is a bit complex because it involves trowelling to ensure the entire form is filled. Tamping is also required to release air bubbles.

Curing the concrete is next, which may need at least 18 hours. Before finishing the surface, the slab will be removed from the mould, pulling it from the edges. The sealer is applied later, and the new tabletop will be installed.

How are Concrete Tabletops Maintained?

Concrete is naturally porous, so it requires a sealer to prevent the material from absorbing stains and liquid spills. Food-grade sealers may be needed if the tabletop will be installed in a food prep area like your kitchen or bar. Note that the sealer does not mean you can place hot pans and pots. The high temperatures can quickly damage the sealer, so make sure to use heat protection like a trivet.

As for cleaning, you just require a pH-neutral cleaner. Don’t use rough pads or abrasive cleaners, which can degrade the sealer. Learn more about concrete tabletop maintenance from our concrete countertop care guide.

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