Seamless Pool Edging

Seamless Pool Edging

What is Seamless
Pool Edging?

Your pool deserves the best treatment possible. That is why CoastCrete professionals highly recommend seamless pool edging. It is a system that will make your pool stand out. Say goodbye to ordinary and plain-looking pool edges. Seamless pool coping will give you a free-flowing look that gives the illusion of a pool surround wrapping around the water. Believe us; it’s as good as it sounds!

Seamless pool coping offers you a single continuous transition. It is as fluid as it gets, with a surface that is as fascinating as the pool water itself.

Is It Right for Your Perth Pool?

CoastCrete will pour a seamless concrete pool edging that does not require segmented bullnose headers. Most pool surrounds come with bullnose-edge pavers that are not only unsightly but look and feel awkward, as well.

Anyone who owns a pool in Perth wants an architect-designed style. With unified edges and absolutely no gaps and subsidence, you cannot find a more alluring design than this.

Non-Slip Texture

Concrete is not just durable but also comes with anti-slip properties. When you have pool parties, the last thing you want to hear about is a child or older person falling due to the slippery surface. Protect your guests and loved ones from such accidents by choosing the right pool surround.

Works with Any Concrete and Pool Type

Do you plan to use honed or exposed aggregate? Perhaps you like grey or coloured concrete more. Whichever you prefer, you are in good hands. CoastCrete can handle pouring around your pool to create a seamless finish. You cannot get this advantage from other pool systems.

We work well with concrete pools, but seamless pool edging can be used on any surface type, including fibreglass. If you have a concrete pool wall, you do not have to worry about dislodging its tile band, which is a common issue with pavers.

When you have an old pool that needs an upgrade, a seamless edge finish is your best option. It is also the recommended solution if you plan to install a new pool in your backyard. You will save a good amount of dollars if you go for the right surround for your swimming pool.

Also called pool coping, this system has a concrete edge that was continuously poured around the pool. Therefore, the result is a seamless, smooth finish. It enhances the overall appearance of your pool and even your whole backyard.

If your ultimate goal is to have a flowing look for your Perth pool, this pool edge system is for you. Need more convincing? Here are the top reasons why you should pick seamless pool edging:

perth seamless pool edging

What Are the Benefits?

  • It’s sleek and smooth. Your pool area will look even better when the pool edge has a continuous flow.
  • It uses concrete. This pool edging system takes advantage of one of the most durable materials on earth: concrete. 
  • There are plenty of styles to choose from. Seamless pool edging may use concrete, but it does not mean the pool surround will look bleak and grey. You can choose from a variety of concrete types, including exposed aggregate, poured limestone, and honed aggregate.
  • It’s simply beautiful. Invigorate the pool area with a seamless edge. It is the solution you have been looking for to achieve an aesthetically appealing look. Plus, you will never see any gaps, which are quite common and noticeable in other designs.
  • Seamless pool edging is best for families. With your kids running around the pool, you can rest assured that the non-slip surface enhances safety. 
  • It is also easy to maintain. Never worry about ants and weeds growing ever again!

Why Choose CoastCrete?

It is hard to say no to seamless pool edging. The unique look is unbeatable. Your pool will surely be the envy of the neighbourhood! But you do not want to hire inexperienced contractors for this task. CoastCrete is here to facilitate the process of pouring concrete to create a seamless pool edge in your backyard.

We are experts in concrete renovations, including concrete swimming pools. Therefore, we have the knowledge and experience with the products we use. We only utilise special grade products with the strength and flexibility suitable for use as pool surround. They are designed to work with the shape of your pool.

CoastCrete also understands that safety is vital for our clients. Our materials are safe and do not release dangerous agents. They are also intended in such a way that the products do not adhere to the concrete base.

If you’re looking to have a massive transformation of your old pool, choose seamless concrete edging. This stunning pool surround will suit your outdoor space due to the wide variety of colour mixtures and finishes available. Contact CoastCrete to create a functional, low-maintenance, and attractive swimming pool edging that works for your pool and backyard In Perth.

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