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Polished concrete overlay or veneer, is a highly popular solution to many existing properties looking to renovate a home or workspace. Not too long ago, should a customer want to create a polished aggregate floor in their home, it would be near impossible to achieve. Thankfully, this new system means that it can be used in almost every indoor scenario possible.

When poured the veneer will be between 10mm to 15mm thick. This is very similar to tiling or carpet in terms of the total thickness. Being such a thin layer it allows the concrete overlay to be used virtually anywhere you can think, whether for residential or commercial use.

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Polished concrete overlay or veneer is a terrific way to create a stunning feature floor in your living space or office. The team at CoastCrete are experts with this type of flooring, with years of expertise, we can help you bring the room to life with this elegant flooring option. It offers a host of benefits that you may not even consider when choosing your flooring option.

Here are some advantages of polished concrete veneer, such as:

  • The surface of Polished Concrete Veneer is very low maintenance. It is a breeze to clean, meaning you don’t have to worry about spending hours cleaning.
  • Offering a seamless design, it really sets itself apart from other surfacing types, like tiles or wood flooring.
  • The finish is highly durable, resistant to impacts, heavy foot traffic and can be used in residential or commercial settings.
  • A concrete overlay can be a blessing for allergy sufferers. Being resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew, letting you breathe a little easier.
  • Every surface comes pretreated with various antibacterial agents, making it a safe option for the family home or office space.
  • An ongoing benefit is reduced heating costs. The floor gathers heat from the air and can be used to help heat up the entire room or space it is installed in.
  • The many ways you can customise the look mean you will have a unique feature to add to your home. You can create stunning art for your floor to go along with the rest of the space.


Aside from the benefits, we give you more reasons why polished concrete veneers or overlays are the ultimate flooring option for you:

There are absolutely no set-downs needed. This flooring system will adhere to any other floor finishes you may already have.

You have plenty of responsibilities, both at home and at work. The last thing you need is more cleaning tasks. Polished concrete overlays are highly durable with a seamless finish. You will not find any grout lines. Just wipe or sweep. It’s that easy.

Polished concrete overlays are mechanically refined, allowing the floors to achieve a whole other level of gloss and shine. They can also be honed and sealed. Plus, you will not run out of options with a variety of colours and aggregates to choose from.

CoastCrete offers a distinctive polished concrete overlay/veneer system that provides a consistent flooring appearance. Expect a flawless finish with our professional installation method. You will never see foot and boot prints and other marks. There is no water damage either, which is a common issue with traditional concrete placement.


concrete veneer overlay coastcrete

After learning the floor sub-base and its condition, we will prepare the most appropriate work for you. Consultation is a must, which allows us to perform checks and provide you with options as well. Here is an overview of the typical process:

  1. Prep the original concrete, screed, or any sub-base you have.
  2. Prime the surface. Depending on the condition, it may require more preparations, including the application of the bonding material.
  3. Usually, the installation of the overlay takes place the next day after priming it. Curing will take 24 hours.
  4. The third day is when the floor will be diamond processed. The amount of time required will be based on the total size of the area.

Shine is created with fine diamond abrasives for honing and polishing the surface. Since shine is embedded, longevity and durability are ensured.


What Is Polished Concrete?

A polished concrete overlay is a building material used for flooring. It is perfect if you want to renovate the existing floor of your house to give it a polished look.

Where Can I Use Polished Concrete?

You can use polished concrete indoors in any room you want. If you want to use it in wet areas like your bathroom, you should use a grind and seal that has a non-slip compound in it. Alternatively, you can use a non-slip mat on the surface.

You can also use it on higher levels of the house. However, that may not have the same result like the one on the ground floor because constructors use a higher strength material.

If you have ties that are in good condition with no cracks or a timber floor, you can install polished concrete overly on it for a better finish.

Is Polished Concrete Slippery to Walk on?

Just like other hard flooring materials, polished concrete is not slippery if it is dry. However, if it becomes wet, it could be slippery and could cause an injury. To make it less slippery, you can use either the grind and seal or honed finish that have anti-slip properties.

Constructors can also add an anti-slip agent to the sealer, depending on how anti-slip you want your floor to be.

How Much Dust Does the Installation Produce?

Installing polished concrete overlays can be a very dusty process, especially when grinding. However, the constructors use high-quality equipment and vacuums attached to them to eliminate dust in every process.

When they use the smaller hand grinders, they ensure to clean the surface after. You might have a little dust residue on the surface at the end of the process, but it is barely noticeable.

How Long Does the Installation of Polished Concrete Take?

The time depends on the size of the floor, the complexity of the surface, and the finish you want the polished concrete to have. Unlike installation of other floorings, you can walk on polished concrete flooring as soon as the constructors finish installing it.

Does Polished Concrete Get Cold in the Winter?

One of the main things that make polished concrete a preferred flooring method is its thermal mass property, which allows it to absorb heat fast but release it slowly. Therefore, if the floor absorbs heat during the day, you do not have to worry about it being cold at night.

This applies mostly in winter. If there is a heat source in the house and the floor absorbs that heat, it will still be present at night.

Also, during the summer, when the floor absorbs the coolness of the room at night, it will still be cool the following day.

Does Polished Concrete Stain?

After installing the polished concrete overlays, the constructors seal the surface, making it stain resistant. However, you should wipe off any spill on the surface.

If you use polished concrete on your garage floor and it gets an oil stain, professionals will try to grind off the topcoat of the floor to try and remove the stain. If that doesn’t work, they continuously purge the floor.

If that still doesn’t work, you can try applying a layer of solid coloured epoxy on the flooring to cover the stain

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