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Concrete has become one of the trending materials for the past several years. Pinterest, the social media platform for visually sharing and discovering images and videos, stated that concrete homes had seen an increase in searches for 2019. Anything related to concrete, including interior design, surged almost 500%.

We cannot deny the popularity of concrete. Over the last decade, the material has become a fixture on social media apps, especially Instagram.

When people think about concrete, some of the first things that come to mind are industrial warehouses, minimalist designs, and old bunkers. While they do represent what concrete interior design is, the concept has dramatically evolved over the years. Gone are the days when concrete was viewed as something grey and dull. The rock-like material can be added to any space to exude warmth and a relaxed vibe.

The top trends in concrete design are a testament that this material can outdo other popular choices, including wood and brick. Some materials have stood the tests of time. However, they do not offer much because they are stuck in the past with no innovation. Concrete is different. It continues to evolve without changing too much of its quality. You can still benefit from its durability, minimalist look, and virtually maintenance-free attributes.

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If you are thinking about designing the interior of your home or office with concrete, here are the trendy styles that may inspire you:

  1. Monochrome Kitchens with Concrete Benchtops

    Recently, home renovations reached a 14-year high in Australia. The sector experienced its busiest time since mid-2004. Additionally, homeowners increased their budgets on renovating their kitchens by 16%.

    What does it mean? More and more people are willing to modify their homes to achieve the look that they want, especially with their kitchens. It is why there is a continuous growth in the number of homeowners switching to concrete. For many years, bright white kitchens were the most prominent design trend. However, it looks like this style is taking a step back with the emergence of monochrome kitchens.

    Your quaint space can appear more modern and roomy, even with all the necessities present. You can have a dishwasher, range hood, TV, and gas cooktop all installed on the concrete benchtops. If the overall look does not have that homey feel for you, designers suggest having a domed ceiling.

  2. Concrete Built-Ins for a Rustic Look

    Having shelves allows people to save a lot of space. Instead of going for bulky layers, built-in shelves are a much better option. With many people living in an apartment, a tiny home, or just one with a cramped space, they cannot afford to add any more boxes or containers.

    Built-in concrete shelves are the perfect alternative. They are an excellent storage option for indoor plants, books, and other collections. These shelves have also invaded kitchens where homeowners place their favourite cookbooks, goodies, and even small appliances.

    Along with these built-ins, the trending design comes with a set of wooden beams next to the shelves. This way, the space gives that lived-in and rustic feel.

  3. Moody Yet Cosy Living Room

    Modern homes today have a smoother and more comfortable look. A growing trend in homes, particularly living rooms, is to have the entire space made of concrete. From the floor to the ceiling, the primary material used is concrete. Furniture pieces are contemporary and are partnered with sheer curtains. A fuzzy rug is in place, along with a pastel couch that looks inviting to curl up with a book.

    The result of this interior design is a home with a welcoming vibe. After all, the living room is where we mostly receive visitors. Concrete is one of the best materials to use when making your home cosier.

  4. The Unfinished Look

    Have you seen these Instagram posts where the kitchen wall looks unfinished? The holes are visible where the rods used to be when concrete was poured. It does seem weird – but in a good way! The whole idea is to make the wall appear as if it is incomplete, and it works.

    The trick now is to find a colour (or colours) that would complement the backdrop. For instance, a pale blue benchtop is a great choice, especially with the grey wall behind it. Look for a finish that matches the entire look as well. Even better, you can even use concrete as the benchtop material.

  5. Views from the Concrete Bathroom

    Concrete bathrooms are taking over. Many resorts use concrete for many reasons, including the fact that concrete does not easily crack with proper maintenance. Plus, the material is less of a hassle to clean, unlike other popular choices.

    With the right finish, concrete can give a bathroom a smooth and slick appearance. For most people, bathrooms are a place for them to relax and unwind. Using concrete for the tub, walls, and floor will surely invite you to hop into the tub with a glass of wine in your hand. To top it all off, a good view can make the entire design more attractive.

  6. Polished Concrete for Airiness

    A stylish house or office does not mean it cannot have a modern look. Polished concrete has become one of the popular choices for those who want to add lightness to their rooms. Yes, there are indeed other materials that may come to mind. However, most of the attention is focused on polished concrete, especially for those who want to get that airy, ethereal effect on their room.

    Polished concrete differs from standard concrete. It provides a much smoother surface. The entire look lends a more professional vibe, which is why it is the favourite flooring option of many retail stores. When it comes to homes or even offices, polished concrete can extend the space. The effect is almost instant because the room looks and feels open.

    With such an outcome, polished concrete is one of the best options for zen, spa-like living room (or any room). This type of flooring usually has high-gloss, so light bounces around the area. As the light spreads out, the room appears more extensive than what it truly is.

    One of the best things about using polished concrete is that it works in any space. You can use it for smaller areas, not just your living room. It is perfect for cramped kitchens and dining rooms so that they can feel more spacious. Polished concrete is also a fantastic option for open-floor designs.

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  8. Wood and Concrete Combo

    For an eye-catching style, concrete can be used with other materials, including wood. The combination works, whether you are planning to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. The prevalent trend, though, is having a hallway-like room. It appears to be a part of the kitchen or a pantry. The benchtops are made of concrete, and there are wooden cabinets at the bottom.

    Make sure the counters offer plenty of space for prepping or placing your favourite essentials. To achieve an earthy and laidback feel, the flooring can be concrete as well. Stone floors work, too.

  9. Concrete Kitchen Island

    Minimalists are growing in numbers. It is why concrete is thriving, including a blocky concrete island for those who like a simple style. The idea is to have the essentials only. Kitchens with this design have the appliances that they usually use, along with a modest seating arrangement. Each part of the kitchen has its own use. It is easy to see why concrete can quickly make its way into a minimalist design.

    Over the years, we have seen how kitchen islands no longer have those eye-catching designs. They have become a low-key yet pivotal part of the kitchen. Concrete islands are monochromatic, which easily fit into the discreet approach.

    One of the best things about this interior design is that it is flexible. You can use a white-colour scheme throughout the entire kitchen. White always conveys minimalism because it is the hue for simplicity and cleanliness. If you have an open-floor design, the concrete kitchen island is even better. It will serve as a barrier or divider while still providing space for preparing and eating food.

    Black and white kitchens with a standout concrete island are a common sight these days. The contrast in shades makes the design more effective.

  10. Concrete Accents

    Bedrooms, living rooms, or anywhere in the house can look better with concrete accents. Floor-to-ceiling concrete may be too much for some people. If you are among them, here is the solution for you. Using an accent wall is the key to a more exciting concrete interior design.

    It works well in different areas, especially those with a neutral colour palette. For instance, your cosy bedroom is monochromatic. You can use concrete as the material for the accent wall, which can be textured. It provides an enormous distinction to the wood and glass furnishings in the room.

We are in an era where raw, unfinished, and industrial finishes are fashionable. Concrete is the perfect material that combines a modern edge with natural warmth. If you’d like to know more, contact CoastCrete today.